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Security & Access Control


An extremely important aspect to any integrated system is security and access control.


Virtually any security system can be tied into and controlled by our systems. This gives the client a much simpler interface for using their security system. The same remote, be it wall mounted or handheld, that controls your A/V,lightingHVAC and automation can also work as your security system control.


While lying in bed at night, catching up on the news or watching a recorded show you can also check that all the doors and windows are closed and arm the security system. You could also have a single “good night” button that turns off all the lights, sets the HVAC to nighttime settings and arms the security system.


If an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, your remote will tell you what and where the problem is. If an alarm goes off when you are not home the system can send you an email or call your cell phone to tell you that there is a problem.


We align ourselves with reputable security monitoring companies so that our system simply augments their services.

In addition we provide all types of professional security cameras and access control solutions ranging from simple push buttons, fobs or key locks to Biometrics such as fingerprint readers.



Here are a few different security related scenarios:


A visitor pushes the gate doorbell, your remote controls will automatically let you know by switching to a view of the gate camera and give you the option to talk to the person and let them in.


Someone pushes the 'all blinds down' button in the kitchen but the living room window is open and would damage the blind. The system knows the window is open because there is a security contact in place. So the system closes all of the blinds except for the living room window and then tells you that the living room window is open.


The first employee to arrive at work in the morning swipes his FOB. The doors unlock, the security system in the office disarms, the lights for that area turn on and background music starts playing.


A CEO swipes her finger in the morning. A “good morning Mrs. Smith” comes through the door speaker, the security disarms for the office, the main door and CEO’s office doors unlock, all of the lights come on including the artwork and statues, the reflecting pool pumps come on and the background music comes on with the CEO’s favorite genre.


A fire alarm goes off. The touch screens show where the fire is and allows the user a window of time to disarm the system in case it is a false alarm. If it is a fire, the interior lights all come on, the exterior house lights flash and the gate locks open for the firefighters.


An integrated system will bring all of these disparate systems together into one interface that gives you simplicity and peace of mind.